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ZC2290-A-SR-7/P ZC2288 ZC2280-D/2280-D-7
ZC2284-D/2284-D-7 ZC2280 ZC2284
Zigzag sewing machine series > ZC2290-A-SR-7/P Computer-controlled direct-drive high-speed zigzag machine series (pattern design function)
The machine comes provided as standard with two hundred different zigzag stitching, T-stitch and covering stitch patterns grouped into fourteen different types. The feed mechanism is controlled with a stepping motor, enabling continuous sewing at a high speed.
A single unit is extremely versatile and can perform straight stitching, standard zigzag stitching, 2-step zigzag stitching, 3-step zigzag stitching, scallop stitching, and blind stitching. As a result, the system is available for a far wider range of applications by pattern design function, ease to operate, perfect performance.