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ZC1500 ZC2700 ZC2700-D-7/P
ZC62G-D ZC62G  
Interlock sewing machine series > ZC1500 Feed-up-the-arm interlock stitch machine series
ZC1500 series is dedicated to ideal sewing experience, you never had before, its various innovational designs set you free from your headaches, such as oil stain, "waved" finish, frequent skip stitches and uneven quality due to operators' fatigue, besides, the machine can perform neat and uniform finish on both lightweight and heavyweight fabric with little adjustment, furthermore, various fabric guides enable sewing covering, hemming, binding freely.
Interlock sewing machine series > ZC2700 Ultra high-speed cylinder-bed interlock machine series
Per minute the machine needle sewing speed up to 6500 will not only help to improve production efficiency, with new on-line winding body, a beautiful string lines simple effect, transform a simple stroke of the needle bar, the new linear differential gear differential delivery agencies, the new pressure pick foot mast, easy to assemble and fine-tuning a simple and widely used performance with full co-ordination with the user of a variety of new institutions, to promote quality improvement system, shortening delivery time and reduce costs.
Interlock sewing machine series > ZC2700-D-7/P Ultra high-speed cylinder-bed interlock machine series
1. New needle thread take-up system - neat finish & easy threading sealed upper needle bar - safe & clean.
2. Easily switchable needle bar stroke - quick response to various material.
3. Short cylinder bed - easy material handing.
4. New feeding system - high durability & easy adjustment.
5. New looper thread take-up cam system - Quick & easy maintenance.
6. Submodel with cpmpact motor - easy installation, rapid start and precise control.
7. New foot lifter lever mechaninsm - easy adjustment.
8. Auto trimmer function - the result is a substantial increase in production.